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Proximity switch sensing distance table

Proximity switch inspection spacing table, model, main parameters required when selecting proximity switch

Common diameter specification example: M8 means 8mm diameter proximity switch with external thread

The sensing distance of inductive sensor proximity switch is divided into four lengths. Why do you divide it like that. Due to the different production costs and prices, the longer the spacing in the proximity switch of the same diameter, the higher the price it is.

What is flush: the inspection head is not exposed, and the installation must be flush with the hole distance. What is the non flushed inspection head exposed for 4-8mm? The inspection head must be exposed during installation and can be clamped firmly for application.

M8 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 1mm2mm3mm4mm non flush: 2mm4mm5mm8mmm12 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 2mm4mm5mm8mm non flush: 4mm8mm12mm

M18 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 5cm8mm12mm15mm non flush: 8mm16mm23mm

The following are capacitive sensors:

{the capacitive sensor can be made of 6.5cm without external thread. It is now sold as a capacitive sensor proximity switch with small appearance in the market. The sensing distance is less than M8}

sensing distance of M8 proximity switch: flush: 1mm2mm non flush: 2mm4mm

The M8 connector type is optional and adjustable, and all the following items of M12 are adjustable by default

M12 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 1-3mm1-5mm non flush: 1-5mm1-8mm

M18 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 2-8mm2-16mm non flush: 2-15mm2-25mm

M30 proximity switch sensing distance: flush: 2-20mm2-25mm non flush: 2-30mm2-35mm

Pocket size:

φ sensing distance between 3 and M4 pocket proximity switches: 0.5mm0 8MM1MM

φ Four heel M5, square 5 * 5 three pocket proximity switches, sensing distance: 0.5cm1mm1 5CM

How to select the model and specification of proximity switch

1. When the inspection body is made of metal composite materials, the high-frequency vibrating proximity switch shall be used. This kind of proximity switch is flexible in the inspection of iron nickel and A3 steel. For aluminum, red copper and stainless steel plate inspection bodies, the inspection sensitivity is low.

2. When the inspection body is made of non-metallic material, such as; Capacitor type proximity switches shall be used for wood, printing paper, plastic, laminated glass and water.

3. Optical proximity switch or ultrasonic proximity switch shall be used for long-distance inspection and manipulation of metallic and non-metallic materials.

4. When the inspection body is made of metal, if the inspection sensitivity is not high, the magnetic proximity switch or Hall element proximity switch with high quality and low price can be used.

For the detailed introduction of proximity switch model selection, if you use this specification as the standard for your proximity switch model selection, it may save you a very large part of the cost and stronger work efficiency.

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